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Our Protective Surety Bonds for Long Beach, CA Clients

We Specialize in a Variety of Bonds

We founded Lesron insurance in 1985. We specialize in providing surety bonds to contractors and real estate developers throughout the Fullerton, Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Long Beach, CA. You build your business’ success and reputation on maintaining partnerships with your clients. We feel the same way. Our team develops a network of strong relationships with our clients. We like to say we don’t just sell a surety bond; we sell ourselves one honest transaction at a time. Whether you’re a contractor or a real estate developer constructing new homes, you need a bonding agent who cares about your success and understands your needs. We’ve been providing our brand of service throughout the Northern and Southern California Region for over 30 years. Learn more about surety bonds and how our team can help you below.


We’ve Worked With “A-Rated” since 1985

We know you’re busy hiring staff, buying materials, purchasing land, and showing your finished products to potential buyers. You don’t have time for a long and arduous process. That’s why we offer an easy application process and deliver quotes within minutes. We also maintain partnerships with “A-Rated” surety companies for lower rates and give our team in-house authority. Finally, we offer knowledgeable advice and same-day service. Our experience guarantees we understand the nuances and complexities of different types of sureties.

We Offer Comprehensive Surety Bond Protections

We work hard to satisfy our customers by ensuring they are protected from liability and comply with state and federal laws and regulations. We offer a variety of surety bonds for this purpose. One of our strengths is accommodating businesses of all sizes. We provide bonds for up-and-coming companies with minimal needs and serve established contractors competing for multi-million-dollar bids. No matter what, you can count on our team to carefully secure a surety bond for you. We offer the following types of surety bonds, and more:



  • Express Bond Programs: Sometimes, our clients need a bond quicker than the traditional process allows. We offer express bond programs for customers in a pinch. They require less paperwork and quick approval. Small-to-midsize companies with infrequent or small bond needs – less than $500,000 – can benefit from bypassing the drawn-out nature of other bond types. Our connections with reputable companies you can get the best rate possible to maximize your profits.
  • Contract Bonds: Lesron Insurance offers lower bonding rates based on various factors for projects more expensive than $1.5 million. Our standard bond programs enable contractors to capitalize on their talents by winning bids and making impressions on their subcontractors. We require more information to secure this type of bond, such as financial information. We will help you compile the necessary documentation, so you can win the big and begin construction.



  • Environmental Bonds: State and federal environmental laws require contractor compliance with a variety of regulatory steps. One of them is securing an environmental surety bond agreement. Through this bond, you guarantee you will comply with all federal regulations and laws throughout your project. These bonds mitigate long-term liability. We can help you get one.
  • Subdivision Bonds: If you are a contractor working in a subdivision, your contract might require a subdivision bond. This surety bond guarantees you will complete improvements to the property, including gutters, sidewalks, curbs, sewers, utility lines, and more. We make sure your bond complies with local ordinances and federal laws. This step is usually required, and you should not skip it. Make sure you get the best price possible.
  • License & Permit Bonds: Most government agencies require license bonds during the pre-licensing phase. It guarantees your company will operate within federal, state, and local laws and regulations. It also protects governments and individuals from fraud. Make sure to cover your bases, so you can grow your business. We can help by providing you with the most forgiving rates possible. Companies who are just starting can benefit from our services.

We Partner with Superior Companies for Great Rates

As part of our full-service approach, we partner with only the best insurance and surety agencies available. All of our partners are “A-Rated” and pass rigorous standard tests with our team. More importantly, our employees maintain solid relationships with them. These partnerships ensure that you get the lowest rates possible. We know how important our clients’ budgets are to their long-term success. We help by addressing their budgetary concerns through our partnerships with these outstanding and reputable companies:

Our Partners Guarantee A Lower Rate

As part of our full-service approach, we partner with only the best insurance and surety agencies available. All of our partners are “A-Rated.” This ensures that you get the lowest rates possible. Our partners include:

  • CNA
  • INSCO DICO Group
  • Old Republic Surety Company
  • Travelers Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • Ohio Casualty
  • Zurich
  • ACC
  • HCC Surety Group
  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  • Safeco Insurance
  • ACE
  • Amtrust
  • Gray Surety
  • IFIC
  • Hudson Insurance Group
  • Merchants Bonding Company (Mutual)

Dig Deeper for More Information on Surety Bonds

While many of our clients are acquainted with the demands state and federal agencies place on them, we understand other companies might be new to seeking and securing a surety bond. We’ve worked hard to help all our clients succeed since 1985. One of the ways we do so is by giving our customers premium advice throughout the process. Please read our frequently asked questions page for more information on how bonds function. Contact us afterward to schedule an appointment with our team.



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