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Client Reviews

Kevin Choo, I truly believe in Lesron Insurance Agency. Lesron Insurance has been my surety bond agency since 1993 after I received many No’s for my first bid bond request for my first prime contract work from the Navy. ECIP Aircraft Hangar at Naval Base Coronado). There has been “ups and downs” as a construction contractor and throughout it all he encouraged me when I was down.

Mr. Les underwrote my 5 year $30 million, IDIQ Mechanical MACC (Multi Award Construction Contract)from the Navy which was finished in 2012. Mr. Les Mantle is our greatest asset for bonding, he works very hard to keep us informed and remains a very good friend. Bestek has been blessed by his professionalism and knowledge of the in’s and out's of the surety industry. We are really appreciative of his services and support.


Charles King Co. is a general contractor in Southern California. As the VP and GM I have been in this industry for over 40 years and utilized many bonding companies throughout my career. It has been a pleasure to have been with Lesron for the last 17 years as their exceptional staff is friendly and easy to work with; they are extremely responsive and knowledgeable and have always been able to assist us with all our bonding needs.


Fred Neubauer, for over 20 years, Lesron has been committed to the success of Neubauer Electric. When it comes to providing on-time services at a competitive rate, Lesron continually exceeds our high expectations. In today’s economy it is imperative that your Bonding Agent not only delivers services expeditiously, but also looks out for the customer’s best interest. This is exactly why we can count on Lesron. Neubauer Electric values our strong relationship with Lesron and looks forward to many more prosperous years.


Our Mission is Your Success