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Express Bonds in Fullerton, CA

Express Programs for Our California Clients

Businesses throughout Northern and Southern California have all kinds of financial needs, and sometimes they need a bond quickly. At Lesron Insurance in Fullerton, CA, we offer express bonds to our clients for bid, performance, and payment purposes. Surety bonds of this type ensure bonding support with quick approvals and significantly less paperwork than other contract bonds. Express Programs are commercial bonds designed for small or emerging construction contractors with infrequent and smaller bond needs, generally $500,000 and lower for single projects. These express programs offer a multitude of options for contractors. The benefit of the express programs is that contractors with average to good credit who are in good standing with their license forego the full submission process with a simple and short application. Our experienced underwriters are available to help guide you to the best surety bond program that meets your needs.

Express Bond Programs’ Typical Requirements

Lesron Insurance wants to help your company secure the bonds it needs to advance your business interests in California. Whether you require a bid bond, payment bond, or performance bonds for your commercial activities, we provide an approval process that’s quick and less strenuous with express bonds. There are typically a few requirements that any principal has to meet to be a candidate for an express bond, including the following:

  • Appropriate Experience – The nature of the work a company is performing stays consistent with their organization’s present knowledge and experience for which the principal is applying for a bond. The work being performing should also fit into the usual or primary work of the organization.
  • Relevant Territory – To be eligible for an express bond, the contract must be located in the same territory the principal’s organization conducts its operations. For instance, any project for which you apply for an express bond must be within the 50 states or the District of Columbia.
  • Average to Good Personal Credit – While an express bond reduces the paperwork and waiting time for an approval, the principal must still have acceptable credit to qualify for it. Having average to good credit indicates the principal is in good standing with their debt and payment habits, which demonstrate they’re a sound investment.

What are the Benefits of Express Bonds?

Organizations that need an infrequent or small bond quickly and a simple application process benefit from express bonds in many ways. Our bond approval process ensures a more pleasant and straightforward experience from the ease of application to the quick turnaround time. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include the following:

  • The approval process is very quick, and most approvals come within 24 hours of the principal submitting the necessary documents.
  • The application process is quick and easy. It requires substantially less information than other commercial bonds.
  • There’s very little paperwork involved in the process, and to apply, you’re only required to sign an indemnity agreement.
  • We provide efficient underwriting when you apply. The application only requires a personal credit check, and we don’t need to review your tax returns, business finances, or personal finances.
  • The bond limit for an express bond goes up to $500,000 to cover your bid, performance, and payment needs.
  • Once we approve your application and you receive the financial distribution, we offer fair, low rates on our commercial bonds, including express bonds.

With any of our bond offerings to commercial clients, we provide world-class customer service throughout the process, from the initial inquiry through the repayment process.

Downloadable PDFs

The following is a list of PDF documents you can download for your convenience. To access any of the PDF forms, just click on the document name.



Contact Lesron Insurance to Get Started

Lesron Insurance is ready to help you with your surety bond needs, including express bonds for your commercial interests. We’ve spent over 30 years providing our brand of service to organizations throughout California, and we understand your needs and care about your success. You can call us today to speak with a member of our team, and we’ll help you advance to a better tomorrow.

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